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15: Learning to love lorecore

15: Learning to love lorecore

Entering pop music's 40K era.

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We’re still reeling from last week’s Reynoldsmania, but in the wake of our conversation with the great music scribe about the past and future of electronic music, this time we’re firmly in the present.

First, Chal puts forward a thesis about the genre trend of the moment – a movement that brings together Taylor Swift, Disney Adults, A. G. Cook1 and Warhammer freaks. Welcome to the lorecore era.

Next, we wade knee-deep into the sludgy waters of NYC band Couch Slut’s new album You Could Do It Tonight, a must-listen for fans of metal and hardcore’s scuzzier side, equal parts uncomfortable and funny. We chat about why bands like Couch Slut feel so refreshing compared to so much of the extreme music that came before them.

Speaking of humour, is Chappell Roan’s The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess the messy pop masterpiece we so desperately need in 2024? Maybe not, considering it actually came out last year, but we only just discovered it and we’re both obsessed. Old school FACT fans might remember our love for Miley’s Bangerz era and Sky Ferreira’s Night Time, My Time, and this LP is in that lineage, offering ridiculous tunes and modern dating advice to boot.

We’ll be doing a mailbag episode soon, so send any feedback, questions or topics you’d like us to talk about via email or the Substack comments section, and if you’re feeling No Tags, please do subscribe, rate and review in your podcast app of choice.


Swiftie Rehab (Emma Madden, Vulture)
From Taylor to Ariana, pop’s overreliance on gossip is choking the life out of it (Laura Snapes, The Guardian)


OK, we technically didn’t talk about A. G. Cook on mic (we forgot!), but his new triple album Britpop feels very much a part of this trend. For more lorecore theorising, check Chal's review for Pitchfork!

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