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13: Cindy Lee, claire rousay and the haunted, horny sound of now

13: Cindy Lee, claire rousay and the haunted, horny sound of now

No Tags goes weekly!

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No guest on this episode of No Tags, but big(-ish) news: we’re going weekly!

We’ve released an episode of this podcast every fortnight since launching last November, but the time feels right to try and make things more frequent. So, the plan at the moment is to stick to a guest-focused episode every two weeks or so, but the rest of the time, Tom and Chal will sit down and chat the latest music news and developments, get into some recent records they’re currently feeling, and generally just shoot the shit. It’s going to be loose, it might get quite silly, but there’ll hopefully be some insight along the way.

All this comes off the back of quite a bit of listener feedback requesting more non-guest episodes. So in the spirit of that, if there’s anything you’d particularly like us to tackle on these Tom ‘n’ Chal eps, please drop us a line - either over email or via the Substack comment section. (Or inevitably in our DMs.)

So, in this episode…

We tackle Cindy Lee’s epic double album Diamond Jubilee and the revelation that Pitchfork isn’t only still going, but against all odds, still able to break new records! Is it the best long-player since Fetch the Bolt Cutters, or is its success simply nostalgia for the last embers of the pre-streaming age?

We bed-rot with claire rousay and her new album sentiment, perhaps the most 2024 album of 2024 so far. Why? Well, hear us out: it all boils down to porn bots and the numb, over-scrolled horniness of existing online in 2024. Pussy in bio-core: the sound of now? You heard it here first.

But first, thoughts on Coachella, the haunted nostalgia of the modern-day festival circuit, and why for better or worse, we might have a lot more DJ sets like that Grimes disaster-class to come.

Again, any feedback let us know via email or Substack, and if you’re feeling No Tags, please do subscribe, rate and review in your podcast app of choice. Now on with the show.


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